Window Installations and Repairs in South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire

Count on expert window installations and repairs from C.H Joinery in Sheffield. Providing a wide array of services, we serve domestic customers throughout South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire, and the surrounding areas. From restoring wooden window frames to replacing double glazing, our team have the expertise and experience to address all of your needs.

Wooden Frames

At C.H Joinery, we specialise in working with wooden window frames. Whether installing a new frame or restoring your existing one to its best condition, we work with both hard and soft wood windows. Treating all wood and timber, our team complete all jobs to the highest possible standard.


Refresh your bay windows with our high-quality services. As well as replacing your windows, we are also able to take the original stained glass from your window and encapsulate it in a brand-new double glazed window.

All Types of Windows

With more than 40 years’ experience, our specialist team are able to work with all types of windows, including:

  • Sliding Sash Windows
  • Mock Sash Windows
  • Double Glazed Windows
  • Georgian Style Windows
  • Arch Windows

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From new window installations to efficient repairs, our services cover all your needs.

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